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Message started by Irlandaisquibosse on 13th Apr, 2015 at 9:42pm

Title: TEFL in Laos?
Post by Irlandaisquibosse on 13th Apr, 2015 at 9:42pm
Thought I'd post on this site and a few sites like this for direct advice on TEFL in Laos and the wider region as I'm getting a bit annoyed at the way some Asian schools have been pissing me around with Visas.

I've had Chinese and Vietnamese schools offer me work but on false pretences Visa wise(expecting me to come on a Tourist Visa with the 'promise' of a work permit-after having already promised a Work or Business Visa in advance, not to mention the changing of contracts after agreement as well-I realise Asian countries will not have Irish contract law but still I expect an agreement to be stuck to as regards Visas, pay, conditions etc....especially after I sign it in good faith after weeks of checking up on people through different sources and talking to them...).

One agency who operates as a student agency globally signed me up for Vietnam then tried to change the Visa conditions to get me to take a chance on a short term Visa, which I said was an absolute red line as I could do that myself if I wanted to-Irish people post online about Asian countries and short term Visas all the time-the whole point of dealing with agencies and schools directly is not to have to take that risk. I.e. If I make an agreement for a year in X country I expect a firm commitment on getting me the right Visa. No point wasting my time if it's to be like that as I could fly out there tomorrow if I planned on risking it...

This website, going on the 5-6 threads I read over the weekend out of interest, looks like maybe some Lao people and Americans familiar with Laos and that whole region are floating around so I thought I would ask about the Laos situation as due to the above eegitry/idiocy I am now reconsidering my options.

I would honestly prefer to work in one of the 'Indochina' countries like Vietnam/Cambodia or Laos(where Posters advice and contacts hopefully comes in) but am also considering Thailand and China.

Due to an inordinate period of companies acting the maggot over the last 3 months it's nearly the summer and I have no job arranged. I am finished in Austria soon and will be back in Ireland for the summer working until I get an offer and a Visa for somewhere as a result.

I'd ideally like to go to Asia in September at the very latest-I nearly have my TEFL cert, I already have 2 years of teaching experience in France/Austria, and I'm not bad at languages generally(I speak French, which could be handy in Laos/Cambodia maybe as a second language, and German too for whatever that's worth...anyways I'd like to learn an Asian language..).

So this is the type of thing I'm looking for: a straight deal, a Visa, a reasonable wage(I have seen ads for 1200-1500 a month in Laos/Cambodia for 25 hours a week-that would be fine, leaving me some good savings and time to explore).

Any advice, websites, other forums you can advise me of, or any info generally from Lao people familiar with the education system/Visa regime or Americans/other English speakers who may have worked there before would be welcome in the extremity. Posts here or PMS regarding contact details are equally welcome.

Irish friends in China and Korea can probably get me work there but I would really prefer an 'off the track' country so to speak. Working in a rapidly developing one like Laos/Cambodia/Vietnam who are all soldiering onward with their TEFL industries and coffee exports(okay I did economics too..) sounds like an opportunity to me.  8-)

Title: Re: TEFL in Laos?
Post by Mak Nad on 14th Apr, 2015 at 11:05am
Not sure actually. You can get a work visa at the border can't you?

Title: Re: TEFL in Laos?
Post by peterpan on 14th Apr, 2015 at 1:48pm
Have you ever been any of the Off The Track countries?   Foreigner's working permit is required in China or at least in the city I live, kunming. Yunnan province. Other off-the track countries just get me to the wild west. ;D ;D ;D

Title: Re: TEFL in Laos?
Post by Irlandaisquibosse on 17th Apr, 2015 at 11:20pm

Has anybody got any more detailed information about the Visa régime or TEFL Jobs in Laos? There's almost nothing online.

I'm thinking about just going to Hanoi in late August. Rents are low enough for houses and apartments and I'm talking to a lot of people who are there about the TEFL opportunities...

Anyways it'd be nice to try Laos or Cambodia at some stage but nobody seems to know anything about them and information is scarce.

Title: Re: TEFL in Laos?
Post by TexasCowboy on 11th May, 2015 at 1:35pm
What qualifications do you have?

Check out

It is impossible to save money working as an English teacher anywhere outside of Vientiane. Even in Vientiane, the pay is not competitive for trained, qualified, and experienced teachers. Visas are a real hassle. Business visas are single entry which basically means you can't leave Laos for a year.

Vietnam is much better. You can find work in Vietnam very quickly if you have completed a basic course and the pay is better and the prices are much cheaper. Vietnamese is also a much more useful language to learn and there are a wealth of business opportunities in Vietnam.

Title: Re: TEFL in Laos?
Post by Irlandaisquibosse on 21st May, 2015 at 3:57am
Hi TexasC.

Yep I am still leaning towards Vietnam or else China as an alternative.

Cambodia has the odd job offer online so I guess that's always a possibility.

I will definitely try and spend a few weeks in Laos when I'm over there, maybe meet some people and find things out.

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