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Dok Champa

Dok Champa, also known as plumeria is the national flower of Laos. The waxy flower with a sweet scent can be found in many colors: red, yellow, pink and multiple pastels.

For Lao people, Dok Champa represents sincerity and joy in life. The flower is often used as a decoration in ceremonies or made into a garland to welcoming guests.

The Dok Champa blooms everyday and lasts a long time. The trees are planted throughout the country from northern to southern Laos and in particular, can be seen near Buddhist temple areas such as Wat Phu in Champassak.

The Dok Champa isn't just an ordinary flower, but it is considered sacred and very respected by Lao people. There is also a classic song about the Lao national flower called "Duang Champa" and "Champa Muang Lao" that is one of the all time favourite songs.

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