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Buddhism is the national religion of Laos. Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and other faiths can be practiced with total freedom in the country, but Buddhism is the faith of 95 percent of the population. Despite the fact that Buddhism is the faith of majority, all religions is accepted by the people.

The photo above is Ajarn Boukham from Vientiane who is one of the highest ranked and respected Buddhist monks in Laos. Ajarn Boukham was born in southern Laos and he has been a monk since he was a young boy. Due to his faithfulness and dedication towards Buddhism for decades, he will remain a Buddhist monk for the rest of his life.

A monk may leave the monk hood any time he wishes, he is not obliged to remain a monk for life, nor does any stigma attach should he decide to return to secular life. The longer a male person stays as a Buddhist monk, the more he will accrue good karma.

The basis of Buddhist belief is the idea of good and bad karma. Our present and future lives are dictated by past deeds, good deeds leading to better lives and reincarnation and likewise bad deeds will lead to unfortunate rebirths.

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