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That Luang

That Luang is the largest golden stupa in Laos. It is the most recognised national symbol of Laos, located in capital Vientiane.

That Luang was built as a small structure in the 7th to 8th century A.D. and has been destroyed a number of times. It was reconstructed in 1566 A.D. by King Saya Setthathirath, who ruled Chiang Mai and then of Xieng Thong (changed to Luang Phrabang), before moving out to establish his capital city in Vientiane.

Besides being the holy shrine and spiritual worshipping place, That Luang is a representative masterpiece of popular art and architecture, a historical witness of the glorious ancient period of the Kingdom of Lan Xang.

The celebration of That Luang is performed every year in November as a Buddhist traditional festival. That Luang is 45 metres high and 68 metres wide.

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