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Looking for a Good Woman in Laos (Read 7616 times)
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Looking for a Good Woman in Laos
3rd Nov, 2010 at 5:57am
Hello.  I am new to the board.  I am a Christian guy, late fifties, and an expat living in Chiang Mai.  I am considering the following ideas:

1. Moving to Laos and looking for ideas as to housing and other costs.
2.  Looking for budget projections.
3.  I would like to meet some very beautiful young women, not bar workers, for a personal, monogamous relationship.  Last month I had to return to the USA for some problems and when I returned 29 days later to  Thailand, my Lisu wife "hung up the phone."  I thought everything was fine when I left, but when I got back, not fine.
4.  So, if any of you have any contact for me, please put them in touch.  I am on retirement, so not open to the girl who wants to transfer my life's savings to others. I am looking for a very good and beautiful woman.   I'd also like to meet some girls in the mean time to help me to forget my ex, as I have not been with any woman since we become a couple 3 years ago, and had not been dating for quite awhile before I met her.  Now, I want to find an excellent quality woman, no kids, no drunkenness, no drugs, about 20-25, faithful, and not a liar.  I am very tired of lies and liars and falsehood and the like. 
5. I have a family of Laotians in my hometown in the USA. They gave me some ideas of meeting Laos girls if I can get contacts to take me to locations where I can meet many, but I have not been to connect with anybody, and really not interested in bar girls. 

Well, if you can help me out, I'd surely appreciate information, contacts, and direction.  I loved the girl who just "hang up the phone" after 3 years, and now I want to love again, but love somebody who won't just "hang up the phone."
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Re: Looking for a Good Woman in Laos
Reply #1 - 3rd Nov, 2010 at 10:31pm
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